Safety Vacuum Release System Policy

1. Proper Installation.

The system must be matched with the SVRS designed to work on that particular system. No single SVRS meets all pool/spa system specifications. Without proper installation the possibility for failure renders the product useless.

2. Response time under .2 seconds.

The SVRS should trip immediately should entrapment conditions occur. Fast activation will help prevent severe injury to the victim such as torn skin and swelling of the entrapped area.

3. Correct field adjustment.

The SVRS should not be prone to premature activation (false trips). Should wave action, debris, or general pool use activate the SVRS the pool/spa owner/operator will be prone to deactivating the product out of annoyance. If the SVRS is not armed, it is useless.

4. Non-bypass.

The SVRS should not be easily bypassed or deactivated. SVRS may activate due to clogged filter, debris in the pool, or other similar cases which cause flow restriction. Excessive activation my cause the pool/spa owner/operator to bypass or deactivate the SVRS our of annoyance. Instead the blockages should be cleaned or cleared, perhaps even readjusting the SVRS by a professional.

5. Pool/Spa Owner/Operator Training.

The pool/spa owner/operator should be trained of the importance of that the SVRS does and what sort of warning it provides when it is activated or in Alarm mode. More important yet they should be aware of how to resent the SVRS so it is armed and ready to save a life should it be tripped or activated accidentally.


1. Retrofit for Existing Facilities.
2. Single suction outlet drains without a certified collector tank, certified vent pipe, or improperly installed/imbalanced dual drains.

New Water Solutions, Inc., Drainsafe®, nor I, Ron Schroader recommend the use of one product or device over another. Products must be implemented as per system/job specific application. It is the obligation of the installer to understand the intended use and application prior to installation of any product or device. All products must be installed as per manufacturers instructions and be job site specific to meet the criteria of each individual application.