Suction Hazards

             The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recognizes the main four types of suction entrapment listed here. These main four hazards are the reasoning behind VGB 2008. To understand these hazards will help you understand the purpose of the new law. Drainsafe® recognizes two additional suction entrapment hazards. CPSC has not defined Mechanical Inflation or Chemical Degredation at this point. In our drive for recognition of all types of child suction entrapment we will provide a non-CPSC definition. If the CPSC releases a definition, an update will be made.

  Click on the links to the left to view definition of each type of suction entrapment hazard. Blue buttons lead to CPSC definitions. Green buttons lead to Drainsafe® Definitions.

             Also, please study the Emergency Suction Entrapment Release Procedure by clicking the First Responder link on the top left of this page. Should you encounter an entrapped child or even an adult, the ESRP may enable you to save a life.

New Water Solutions, Inc., Drainsafe®, nor I, Ron Schroader recommend the use of one product or device over another. Products must be implemented as per system/job specific application. It is the obligation of the installer to understand the intended use and application prior to installation of any product or device. All products must be installed as per manufacturers instructions and be job site specific to meet the criteria of each individual application.