Regulatory Information

Health Inspectors:

            To help clarify the current issues pertaining to the A112.19.8b - 2009 Standard, we offer you the following information. As you know, all Certified Suction Outlet Covers must be submitted for testing to the A112.19.8b - 2009 Standard. The third party laboratories testing these products are finding ambiguities in the test protocols.

            Certain low profile suction outlet covers have been submitted to multiple laboratories for testing and flow rating. The tests conducted by different laboratories resulted in 20% to 100% variance in certified flow ratings for the same cover.           

            Our recommendation is that the A112.19.8b - 2009 Standard be modified to eliminate the ambiguities that lead to this wide testing variance. Until this situation is resolved, as concerned Health Inspectors, educate yourselves on the features of a safe Suction Outlet Cover. If you are inspecting a cover which does not have one of the following features, it may not hold its current flow rate certification.


A Safe Suction Outlet Cover...

  1. Is equipped with a Type 316 SS four-point fastening system.
  2. Has a large open surface area to minimize dual drain hold down forces.
                Example: On an 8" sump, 20 square inches or larger is preferred.
  3. Should not exceed a 1/2 inch largest opening size to minimize finger entrapment.
  4. Protects against body entrapment based on a pronounced surface topography.
  5. Is flow rated at a low cover velocity (FPS = Feet Per Second) to minimize hair entrapment.
                - State of Michigan has adopted a 1.0 FPS as a safe cover velocity.
                - State of Florida has adopted 1.5 FPS as a safe cover velocity.


            Most Suction Outlet Cover manufacturers do not provide all three key hydraulic parameters for their cover(s).  Manufacturers are required to specify on their products the certified Flow in Gallons Per Minute (GPM), the Open Surface Area (Sq. In.), but not the Velocity (FPS) through the cover at the rated flow.  For example, a manufacturer "X" states their Suction Outlet Cover has been certified @125 GPM and has an open surface area of 8.1 Sq. In. In this example, the manufacturer may not provide information regarding the cover velocity, which is 4.95 FPS at 125 GPM.

To calculate this information, or to check your own calculations, we have attached an interactive program for your use.

If there is difficulties with the attached file, you can go to the following link and download the file there.

Calculation Page

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