CPSC Layers of Protection

             Any Engineer will tell you when investigating a solution to a problem, never rely on just one answer. By implementing multiple solutions, should a problem ever occur a complete failure should not be the outcome. In the Consumer Product Safety Commissions (CPSC) approach this ideal outcome is also true. Should a child find some way to create a seal over an open sump or unprotected suction outlet, one of the suggested Layers can potentially harm caused by suction.

              The CPSC Layers of Protection are specific to the entire pool or spa. From deck top to bowl bottom.

We agree Layers of protection is the best solution to prevent entrapment.

However, Drainsafe® is specific to the suction hazards swimming pools and spas present. We have compiled our own suggested Layers of Protection specific to Child Suction Entrapment Avoidance.

New Water Solutions, Inc., Drainsafe®, drainsafe.com nor I, Ron Schroader recommend the use of one product or device over another. Products must be implemented as per system/job specific application. It is the obligation of the installer to understand the intended use and application prior to installation of any product or device. All products must be installed as per manufacturers instructions and be job site specific to meet the criteria of each individual application.