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1-15-2015: Article: Pool & Spa News: The Whole Equation

9-29-2014: Article: Waterway Plastics Recalls Spa Drain Suction Covers

9-10-2014: Video: This easy pool safety check could save your life

8-21-2014: Article: Are Airbnb hosts regulated by the CPSC? Short term rental....

8-12-2014: Video: Keeping your family safe at the pool

7-30-2014: Video: Kids sign Pool Safely Pledge

5-30-2014: Video: 4 year old boy drowns in spa pool in San Bernando

1-25-2014: Update: We welcome Aquatic Technology Inc. as a new distributor in Maine.

12-3-2013: Update: Eight Manufacturers Recall Pool and In-Ground Spa Drain Covers

8-9-2013: Video: NBC Nightly News- Pool Drains Pose Serious Risks

8-8-2013: Article: Pool & Spa News: New Anti-Entrapment Invention: ProteKtor

8-7-2013: Video: Fox News- Usher's son gets caught in pool drain

8-7-2013: Video: CNN- Usher's Son Pool Mishap

8-7-2013: Video: USA TODAY- Ushers Son involved in Swimming Accident.

8-7-2013: Article: USA Today- Injury to Usher's son prompts home pool warning

8-5-2013: Video: Ushers 5 year old Son nearly drowns (911 call)

8-6-2013: Video: ABC News- Usher's Son Hospitalized After Pool Accident

8-5-2013: Document: CPSC Extension Approval of Information Collection

7-17-2013:Video: Questions raised about hotel swimming pool after drowning

7-12-2013: Article: Pool & Spa News: VGB Drain Covers Due to Expire

7-12-2013: Article: Pool & Spa News: In Memoriam: Kevin Mulvey (1956-2013)

5-8-2013: Article: Pool & Spa News: Parents of Entrapment Victim Settle for $40 Million

11-15-2012: Article: Pool & Spa News: Entrapment-Prevention Pioneer Dies

10-1-2012: Article: Pool & Spa News: Mechanical Entrapment Raises Questions

10-2-2012: Article: Submersions Related to Non-Pool and Non-Spa Products, 2012 Report

10-2-2012: Article: News from CPSC: In home danger - Drowning Hazards

7-19-2012: Article: Pool & Spa News: Recent Entrapment Raises Installation Issues

6-22-2012: Article: Is your Drain Cover Safe?

6-12-2012: Video: Girl, 4, rescued after arm gets stuck in pool drain.

6-12-2012: Article: 4-year-old rescued after arm gets stuck in pool drain

5-5-2012: Article: 16-year-old drowns in school swimming pool

12-7-2011: See the article written by our own Brandon Schroader in the December Issue of Pool & Spa News!

12-7-2011: Article: Pool & Spa News: Required Reading by Erika Taylor

12-7-2011: Article: Pool & Spa News: Covering the Drain by Rebecca Robledo

12-7-2011 Article: Pool & Spa News: Entrapment Testing at a Glance by Rebecca Robledo

12-7-2011 Article: Physical/ Ultraviolet Testing by Rebecca Robledo

12-7-2011 Article: Pool & Spa News: On the right Track? by Rebecca Robledo

12-6-2011: Upcoming Lecture: Western Show, 1pm on Friday, March 16th. Room 303A.

11-20-2011: Article: Pool & Spa News: A list of the models named in CPSC's recall.

11-17-2011: Article: Pool and Spa Drain Cover Safety Considerations

10-25-2011: Article: CPSC Vote Elicts Partisan Wrangling

10-25-2011: Article: CPSC Ruling upends drain requirements

10-4-2011: Article (PDF): CPSC panel reverses itself on pool safey.

10-4-2011: Article : CPSC panel reverses itself on pool safety.

10-4-2011: Update: News from CPSC 9-30-2011

10-4-2011: Article: Feds to Regulate Public Swimming Pool Drains 9-29-2011

10-4-2011: VGB Act Incorporation Reference Successor Standard 7-20-2011

9-28-2011: Article: Down the Drain: Government reverses course on safety rule

9-27-2011: Letter from Congress of the United States

9-26-2011: Letter from House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce.

9-22-2011: CPSC Repeal of VGB Unblockable Drains

7-1-2011: Press Release: Drainsafe® products available by NSi/Tork®

6-28-2011: Letter to Drainsafe® from the CPSC

6-15-2011: Article: Castle Point Borough Council gets prosecuted

6-14-2011: .pdf File: Commercial Pool Systems, Inc. Recall Guide.

6-6-2011: USA Today Article: Pool Safety law not working

5-30-2011: Video: ABC15.com

5-30-2011: Notice: APSP Recall

5-30-2011: Article: Recall over drowning Risk

5-28-2011: Article: Are your kids safe from drowning?

5-28-2011: Article: CBS News - Recall may force closures

5-27-2011: Article: Baltimore Sun - Drain cover recall may close public pools nationwide

5-27-2011: Article: Chicago Tribune - Widespread drain recall will delay start of pool season

5-27-2011: Drainsafe® Press Release Concerning Recall

5-26-2011: Article: CNN U.S. - Recall of pool drain covers could mean holiday pool closings

5-26-2011: Article: Pool & Spa News - CPSC Issues Massive Drain Cover Recall

5-26-2011: Article: Drain cover recall may close many public pools.

5-26-2011: Newswire: Covers pose possible entrapment hazard

5-26-2011: News from CPSC: Recall on Anti-Entrapment DrainCovers

5-26-2011: Email Notice: CPSC Initiates Recall

5-24-11: Drainsafe.com no longer contains any specific products. All Drainsafe product information has been relocated to www.newwatersolutions.com.

4-28-11: In compliance with the CPSC's drain cover investigation: resulting test reports.

4-5-11: Chicago Tribune Article - Federal regulator looks at safety of pool drain covers

4-5-11: Clips from the CPSC meeting Webcast. Clip 1, Clip 2, Clip 3, Clip 4

4-5 -11: We are currently in Washington, DC attending a meeting with the CPSC.

2-22-11: National Environmental Health Association 2011

2-22-11: Pool & Spa News 2011 Directory

2-7-11: Chicago Tribune Article - The Danger that Lurks Underwater

1-20-11: News from CPSC - Vacless Systems Inc. under recall. Click for info.

1-18-11: We need your help! Help NDPA petition Oprah to assist in educating the public on drowning prevention.

1-15-11: Drainsafe announcing our roll as a Campaign Safety Leader in the Pool Safely Campaign with the CPSC.

1-15-11: New Buttons

1-15-11: New Logo

11-30-10: In the News: News from CPSC: National campaign to change the way people think about safety.

11-11-10: Update: Drainsafe Advertisements (Added 4 placed ads.)

August - September, 2010: Submitted numerous pages of suction entrapment information to The Aquapedia

9-29-10: Update: Contact us!

9-24-10: New: Regulatory Information: Letter to Health Inspectors

9-21-10: New: Calculating the Hydraulics of a Suction Outlet Cover

9-21-10: Update: Regulatory Information

9-21-10: Update: Retrofit

9-21-10: Update: Suction Outlet Cover Policy

9-8-10: In the News Side by Side comparison of Certified Suction Outlet Covers for 5" to 8" sumps.

9-8-10: Release - News from CPSC

9-2-10: Entrapment Definitions - Chemical Degradation Definition

9-2-10: In the News Article: Pool & Spa News - Drain Cover Report Leaked to ABC News

8-26-10: Update: Suction Hazard pages updated. Drainsafe Definitions available by clicking Green Buttons.

8-25-10: In the News Article: ABC News - Confidential Study Warns of 'Serious Injury Or Deaths' from Drain Covers Used In Millsions Of US Pools.

8-17-10: In the News Article: Questions Trigger discontinuation of a VGBA- Approved Cover

8-3-10: Article: More than 1,000 public pools fail to comply with safety laws

8-3-10: News Video Page Update: Video: ABC News 7 Story - Deep Trouble

7-26-10: Update to the Distributor page: Canada distributors now available.

7-26-10: Retrofit page: Updated #4 to include Gravity Feed, Vent to Atmosphere .......

7-26-10 In the News Page Update - Video: poolsafely.gov presents Pool Safely Educational Video

7-20-10: News Video Page Update - Video: ABC News: Are your kids protected from deadly pool drains?

7-1-10: Video: NBC Today Show - Saving Kids from Drowning Dangers

6-29-10: Addition: Search Our Site Link.

5-28-10: Article: The VGB Effect

5-11-10: Article: Comparison Article

2-11-10: New Page: Drainsafe® Advertisement

2-9-10: News from the Pool Safety Council

2-9-10: Video: SVLS (2nd Dynamic Hold Down Force Test)

2-9-10: New Page: Video Download Page - Featuring the Dynamic Hold Down Force Tests

1-27-10: Page Update - Product Page (Not Complete)

1-12-10: New Link: Orlando Pool and Spa Show

12-16-09: Article: A Force to Reckon With

11-13-09:Video: Dynamic Hold Down Force Demonstration Video

10-11-09: Sign up for our Email list today!

10-11-09: Updated Star100 and 2000 Links

10-11-09: Catalog Kit page available.

9-22-09: Video: I-Team: Pool Accident Puts Safety Laws In Question

9-22-09: Video: I-Team: Preventing Pool Entrapment

9-22-09 Article: I-Team: Preventing Pool Entrapment

9-22-09: Video: I-Team: Hidden Pool Drain Danger

9-10-09: Video: CPSC's Pool/Spa Safety and Drowning Prevention Videos

9-10-09: Article: Seal Beach man got stuck to spa drain by Teri Sforza

9-10-09: Article: Proceed cautiously on new pool rules by Teri Sforza

9-7-09: Article: Dangers lurk not so deep by Teri Sforza

9-7-09: In The News link added to all necessary pages.

9-1-09: Distributor Locator added on product page..

8-27-09: Article: Fast Facts: Pool Safety & Children

8-27-09: Article: Girl Stuck in Pool Skimmer Freed

8-27-09: Added to product page: Smart Pool Pro's Collector Vessel

8-27-09: Article: I-Team: Hidden Pool Danger

8-11-09: Site Email repaired. Send us your question or comments today! Info@drainsafe.com

8-7-09: UPDATE: In The News page now includes Archived information.

8-7-09: UPDATE: Archive page removed.

8-04-09: Article: VGB Media Coverage Takes a New Tone by Rebecca Robledo (7-21-09)

8-04-09: Article: Thai Entrapment of a British Boy by Andrew Drummond (7-13-09)

7-28-09: Pool law creates confusion by Paul Adler, KY3 News

7-21-09: 100s of South California Pools are not safe by David Goldstein, CBS 2.

7-19-09: Building Superintendent: Above-Ground pools posing threat by Charles Winokoor, Gatehouse News.

7-19-09: Illegal swimming pool drain covers can be deadly by Susy Raybon, Charleston Military Com. Examiner.

7-17-09 to 7-20-09: North American Drain Cover Stories

7-17-09: 5 Videos added to News Video.

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