Drainsafe® Definition:


One of the five types of Suction Entrapment. Disembowelment is defined as entrapment caused by an individual becoming entrapped by a drain in the sitting position and suffering rectal lacerations as well as partial to complete eviscerations.


The scenario leading to disembowelment typically involves a young child, 2 to 6 years old, who sits on an uncovered drain. These incidents occur primarily in public wading/ play pools where a floor drain cover is broken or missing. Young children have direct access to the bottom drain in wading/play pools because of the shallow water. Generally, drains are equipped with either flat grates or dome-shaped covers. The domed shape helps to prevent sealing of the pipe opening by the body. However, if the grate or cover is unfastened, broken, or missing, the potential for an incident exists. When the child's buttocks cover the drain opening, the resulting suction force can eviscerate the child through the ruptured rectum. A small change in pressure is sufficient to cause such injury extremely quickly.

There is no scientific data to substantiate the amount of vacuum required or the elapsed time to cause Evisceration/Disembowelment.


The key to suction safety is Layers of Protection. Should one layer fail, there is a additional layer of protection in place to assist in the avoidance of injury and preservation of life.

1. Education - Knowing about this hazard and educating our families is the first step to preventing an incident.

2. Sound Hydraulics - Multiple Suction outlet configurations, if constructed properly is a safety measure in of itself. If incorrectly installed or used with small diameter plumbing, hydraulic issues could create additional hazards for entrapment.

3. Anti-Entrapment Suction Outlet Cover - Use ASME/ANSI A112.19.8b 2008 Certified suction outlet cover on all suction outlets.

4. "Plan B" - Should the Anti-Entrapment Suction Outlet Cover fail (Vandalism, Removal, Improper installation) a Plan B should be in place. These are products which activate when a Body Entrapment type situation occurs. These products include Gravity Feed, Vent to Atmosphere, Safety Vacuum Limiting System, or A112.19.17 VGB Compliant Safety Vacuum Release System.

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