By Bob Dumas The police report refers to the 7 year old girl simply as "Drown Person."

But cloaked in the anonymity of that field investigation report are the true identity of the victim and the tragic circumstances that took her life. Both could change the pool and spa industry as we know it.

The victim in this case was Graeme Baker, the granddaughter of James Baker III, former secretary of state under President George Bush. While she did, indeed, technically drown, the events surrounding the accident are far more insidious. The police report lays them out in horrific detail:

The mother...tried to pull her daughter out of the pool. The mother could not lift her daughter from the pool and struggled greatly. Two persons then came to her assistance and pulled the girl out by her ankles.

Upon arrival units...were on the scene performing CPR on (Drown Victim)...(and we were) advised that they had no pulse or heartbeat on the young girl. There were approximately 75 (persons) on the scene when this unit arrived. A graduation party was being held at the residence.

Eventually, the report leads to the revelation. It was later determined that the girl's hip or butt was suctioned to the drain.

On June 15, 2002, Graeme Baker, a member of a powerful, politically influential family, was the victim of suction entrapment.

Historically, the pool and spa industry has never felt completely comfortable discussing safety issues. There's a thin line between educating consumers






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