Welcome to Drainsafe®,

       Drainsafe® is a division of New Water Solutions, Inc. created to educate the pool and spa industry as well as the general public about the hazards associated with child pool and spa suction entrapment.

       Education is the most effective deterrent against the hazards which lay hidden in the bottom of commercial and private swimming pools and spas. Please spend some time to review the information provided here. The dangers are explained as well as the federal laws specific to these hazards. We also supply numerous solutions as well as our Drainsafe® policy to make our pools and spas safer. This policy details what attributes to seek in the product design and application one should employ in their specific niche of the pool industry.

       The information provided here does not specify one standard certified product over any others. Should you seek New Water Solutions, Inc. product information a direct link to our product page is provided below.

Please use the information we have provided here to make your pools and spas safer.

New Water Solutions, Inc., Drainsafe®, drainsafe.com nor I, Ron Schroader recommend the use of one product or device over another.  Products must be implemented as per system/job specific application . It is the obligation of the installer to understand the intended use and application prior to installation of any product or device. All products must be installed as per manufacturers instructions and be job site specific to meet the criteria of each individual application.